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hey everyone, it seems like the cosplay community has moved towards facebook pages more and more. I no longer check this page very often so if you have a question, a commission request or just want to see my latest costumes and progress please follow my facebook page thanks!

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Hey everyone, I've been thinking about this for a long time and it's time to retire my Assassin's Creed II Ezio costume. I made it in 2010 and it's had a lot of adventures over the years but now I think it's time for a new owner.

I have had a lot of offers on it over the years that I have declined originally I was planning on charging much more but over time it's seen some wear and is missing the undershirt seen in these photos (I lost it at a convention). I am charging $1,000 for the costume which is the amount I spend roughly on each Assassin's Creed costume I make between fabric and leather costs. I will also include one wrist blade from gamestop.
I will do some repairs and can put more holes in the belts to fit you but for the best fit you should be these measurements:

chest 38-40"
Waist 30-36"
height 5'8"-6"2"
shoe size 10.5-11 mens
weight 150-190lbs

these are just a range if you are serious about buying it we can go over your exact measurements but this costume has fit a variety of people in that range of sizes and has worked pretty well on all of them. So you'll get everything you see pictured besides the white silk undershirt this also includes insignia and pauldren clips made by Fev props, and the pauldren has been remade in the last two years to be more accurate. If interested please message me and I can send you detailed current pictures of the costume. Thank you and hope it goes to a good home!

photos can be seen in my gallery on here or on my fan page 

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I'm giving away some cool Bioshock stuff on my fan page. All you have to do to enter the contest is like my page and share the page. When you do both those things you will get 6 points entered in the raffle.  You also have to click on the blue "giveaway" icon on the page to add your points.

check it out here, there is also a picture of the prizes.


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Hey everyone, so I know a lot of you probably follow me for my Assassins' Creed costumes so I figured I'd pop in here and let everyone know that I've started on Edward from Black Flag.  I'm trying to make quick work of this costume but I don't post much progress on here anymore. So for anyone who wants to follow my progress and get little descriiptions of my process as I make the various pieces check out my fan page on facebook. I update it regularly. it's  Today I'm dying stuff, forming the shoulder pauldrens and patterning the leather vest!


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Hey everyone, sorry it's been awhile since I've updated this blog. I wanted to let everyone who follows me on here know that I am completely free for commissions and will be able to get them to you (depending on the item) as quickly as 2-3 weeks out!  Here are some things I usually commission for people: 

Leather goods from the legend of Zelda or Assassin's Creed series

Patterns for my Ezio costumes

cast resin pieces for various Assassin's Creed costumes.  

I am open to take on other more complex commissions especially if you're in the Los Angeles area and could come over for measurements.  For a list of what I normally commission for people check out my commission page or you can also check out my DA folder titled one tailed wonders to see what I've commissioned for people in the past.  If you have an item that you'd like me to try to make for you send me a message with a link to a picture for reference. 

take care, 


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So I'm doing a whole face lift of my social network sites. Or rather finally getting with the times and expanding the way I present my cosplays. So last week it was tumblr this week is a fan page for the first time ever.  So if you'd like to see more pictures of my costumes than I post on here, also tutorials, and extensive progress pictures of my own costumes feel free to like my page. I'd be very grateful :)

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I finally succumbed to the lure of tumblr and I'm really enjoying it so far. I mostly re-post photos that I like but eventually might also write some blogs. Feel free to follow me if you like my stuff on here.


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45,000 views, and summer plans

Sun May 5, 2013, 11:10 PM
Wow, I have to say thanks to everyone who stops by this page. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I've been getting from my cosplays over the years. I cant believe I have this many views already. So thank you.  In addition to that milestone Kotaku also featured my Revelations Ezio costume today it's always a good feeling to have your work put out there like that.  

So this summer I have a lot going on, as far as Cons go I will be attending Acen, ColossalCon, DragonCon and San Diego Comic con.  I'm super excited for Comic con because I've never been to a massive convention like that and I've also never been to a west coast con. So super psyched for that.  You'll all see me at more west coast cons though because I will be moving to LA in July. So I'm hoping to meet a lot of fun new people out west to con with, and also still make sure I get back to my favorite midwest conventions.  

On the cosplay docket (which always changes) I'm almost finished with Gene Starwind, after that I'll be doing Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite, Hansel from Zoolander, cyclops, or Gambit from X-Men, and hopefully fit Connor from AC III in there somewhere.  But we'll see. I'm just hoping to get half that list done lol.    

take care!



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Shuto Con

Mon Apr 1, 2013, 9:35 PM
Hey all  this coming weekend I will be at ShutoCon as a cosplay Judge along with my girlfriend Tatiana and :iconlunaladyoflight: We will be on the road early friday morning and arriving mid day friday.  I hope to see a lot of you there and hopefully some of you in the contest. I'll be wearing Zelda II Link and Revelations Ezio this weekend so feel free to say hello.



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Wed Dec 26, 2012, 6:09 PM
Hello everyone, it's been awhile, and I cant believe it's already almost 2013!  First off I want to thank the anonymous person who gifted me another premium membership. Thank you, Thank you it's much appreciated!

This year has been a crazy year in my life, a lot of changes but I'm going into 2013 with a wonderful feeling that even better things are yet to come.  Last weekend I just finished up my first theater contract as a Wardrobe Supervisor which was a blast! and from the sounds of it I will be working on more shows with them. It's a great feeling to put my degree, and all the skills I've learned from school and cosplay to use in a professional setting.

As far as cosplay plans for 2013 go it's very tentative right now but I want to start working on Gene Starwind finally. My girlfriend Tatiana is going to accompany me as Malfina so hopefully she'll motivate me to get it done.  I also want to complete a Gambit costume for DragonCon next year.  In between those two I'm tossing around the ideas of Connor (AC III), Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite), and Dr. King Schultz (Django Unchained, along with :iconinkylink: as Django Freeman)

So hopefully I get half of those finished, I'm so fickle when it comes to cosplay I'm sure what I end up actually making will vary drastically but that's the idea for now.  

Hope everyone has a great new year and I will see some of you at Ohayocon



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Post ColossalCon ACR Ezio progress

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 2:02 PM

First let me say that Colossal Con was awesome! had a great time with all my friends and it felt more like a vacation then a con.  I love cons but sometimes they seem like work and I come home more tired then when I left lol.  I always have a great time but when you add in a water park, and 3 party rooms you know you're going to have fun.  So it was really great seeing old friends and making new ones at the con!  I wore my Zelda II Link costume FINALLY a year after making it lol and got a really nice photoshoot done with :iconwhitedesertsun: so hopefully he'll have those pics up soon so I can add them to my gallery.  

ACR Ezio is still kicking my ass but I'm finishing up the boots right now and molding the pauldren armor.  There's still a lot of embroidery and sewing left to do but hopefully I can finish it for Otakon (which is my next con so hopefully I'll see you all there.)

That's about it, obviously stoked about the new AC III stuff and AC Liberation, may have to get a PS Vita now...



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AC online contest, post MTAC and ACEN!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 24, 2012, 12:08 AM
Ok, so  a lots been going on for me this spring. I'm about to wrap up my 5 con journey with Acen this weekend which is always one of my favorite cons since it was the first large anime con I attended back in 2006.  As always please say hello if you see me, I'll be wearing Ezio, Miguel from Road to El Dorado with :iconzaidb: as Tulio again (hopefully), Zelda II Link, and Skyloft Link. Hoping to get some good pictures of Zelda II Link since I still havent posted any up here! just realized that the other day.

MTAC was A BLAST! seriously it was an awesome con had a ton of fun with all my southern friends, cant wait to see all them again sometime soon.  Also got interviewed by the local news you can check it out here and kinda get a feel for the con,…

Finally I'm in the official Assassin's Creed online cosplay contest so get on your facespaces and vote for me, if you want that is. :)…

See you all at Acen


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Post ShutoCon update and MTAC

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2012, 1:39 PM
Hey everyone, so two weeks ago I judged the cosplay competition at :iconshutocon: I had a great time there and enjoyed a wonderful cosplay contest with the help of my two other awesome judges :iconreipoker:, and :iconcountesslenore:

Also a big thanks to :iconlunaladyoflight: for organizing the contest and making sure we were taken care of.  

Next week I'll be traveling down to Nashville for MTAC which is also a new con for me and I can not wait. I've been promised a great time so I'm expecting to meet a lot of new people and hang out with my Nashville peeps which should be awesome.  

I am trying to finish up Skyloft Link for MTAC so hopefully that comes together. I struck out at the leather store today and couldnt find grey leather for the boots so I'm going to just have to buy some and have them shipped really fast.  I will also be wearing my AC II Ezio again as usual with a new pauldren! .....and I may or may not be in the cosplay strip show lol.

I'll be posting progress up here as the week goes on here's the wig for Skyloft Link, see you guys down south!…



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A and G Ohio

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 10:25 PM
So I cant believe it but my crazy ass line up of cons this spring is starting in 10 days with A&G ohio! This will be my 3rd year at A&G and I'm super excited since it's at a water park this year.

  I will also be involved with a few events at the con including a possible cameo in the infamous cosplay musical. (also my Link costume will be in it but worn by someone else).  I am also one of the cosplay contest judges again this year so be sure to enter the contest you guys! Last year we had a lot of last minute people join so this year get on your game and sign up! it's always a blast and is going to be hosted by my good friend :iconmisscordie:

Lastly I believe I'm going to be running my leather working panel again this year, it got cut short last year since I had mixed up the times so hopefully this year I'll be more put together and be able to show you guys some of what I do to make the leather accessories on my costumes. I dont have a time on this yet but I'll update this journal as soon as I do.  

I hope to see you guys at the con feel free to say hello,



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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2012, 5:44 PM
So I can not believe Ohayocon is here already! I'm really excited for this long awaited vacation.  As far as cosplay goes I'll only be brining Count Mecha, and possibly Link from Zelda II to wear.  Ezio is going to have to sit this one out since I sold my old pauldren to make a new one.  Also long story but I busted my lip open the other night so a masked cosplay might be all I do this weekend.  

Either way cant wait to see everyone, I know we're going to have a good time. Come find me at the con and we can hang out, cosplay, drink. or all three!!! See you guys in a few days



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Premium Account!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2011, 7:05 PM
So this journal is a shoutout to :iconlunaladyoflight: who was nice enough to give me a premium account membership! I'm still messing around with the new features and it's pretty exciting XD.  

In other news I've started working on Revelations Ezio. Brotherhood is going on the back burner for awhile because I'm super psyched to work on Revelations.  I did a lot of drafting for the little accessories that he has no his belts and what not so now I'm ready to start sculpting.  The main problem right now is that I dont have fabric yet so I'm going to need to make a chicago run to get some nice stuff.  That's it for now!

Merry Christmas everyone and see you at Ohayocon!



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First off let me say that Youmacon was a blast! Zaid and I had a great time rockin our Miguel and Tulio costumes from The Road to ElDorado!so much so that we didn't change out of them until late Saturday night so that meant I didn't wear Ezio this year. So sorry for everyone who was hoping to see that costume.  I did however get to rock old school Link for a bit which was fun but I'm thinking I might be getting too old to be link D:...that being said I just got skyward sword and am TOTALLY cosplaying Skyloft Link for Ohayocon. I'm also going to be making the goddess sword which will be my first adventure into prop making in a long time.  

Also during Ohayocon I am going to be interviewed by a new TV show that's affiliated with the RPF forums about making costumes which is really exciting! I also sold a baldric to them to display Aaron's wonderful Zelda weapons which they're also doing a segment on.  So look for that this spring, I think it's going to be on like G4 or Spike not sure yet.  

Finally in spirit of Skyward Sword's release this week One Tailed Wonders leather work is offering 20% off of our Skyward Sword leather work here is what we currently offer.

Waist Belt-$50

*note we had to raise the waist belt price to 50 because Inky found a PERFECT buckle for it but it costs 15 dollars hence the price raise*

all right well see you guys at Ohayocon, what's everyone wearing?

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Guys, I cant believe this is happening next week already! I'm super excited for this con I'll be there all 4 days and have a bunch of new cosplays to wear, not sure what days I'm going to be in what costume but here's the list so be sure to say hello if you see me.

Miguel with :iconzaidb: as Tulio, and :iconnightmare-machine: as Chel from Road to ElDorado

Link from Zelda II (finally wearing this costume!!!)

Ezio AC II (duh)

Draco Malfoy (maybe)

Count Mecha from Galaxy Express 999

See you all there, what's everyone else cosplaying as this year?

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hey everyone, so I normally dont spam all these sites for votes but I actually made it to the top 40 North American Cosplayers in Otaku House's competition. So if you enjoy my cosplays and dont mind taking the time out to vote please do! Honestly I didnt expect to make it this far with so many other great cosplayers involved but I'm definitely happy to get this far and could use the votes.  

Just click like on the link or tweet, or Google+1 it at the top of the page to vote.…

Thanks guys,

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Hey guys, like everyone I'm in a bit of a jam for money so I'm selling some of my old cosplays and gear. you can check them out on the links below thanks for looking!

Leon Kennedy Operation Javier Gear…

Altair Boots…

1 oz. distressed leather hide 21 sq. Feet…

Also :iconinkylink: and I will be running a Holiday special through One Tailed Wonders Leather work for orders that will ship out in December. The special is 20% off your entire leather order. So if you've been waiting for cheaper prices now's your chance.  Also I should be able to get one order done by Halloween if you order fast. Check out the new leather work done by :iconinkylink: in our ad below it's pretty badass!…

We are both trying to make our Zelda leather work even MORE accurate then the ones we had originally made on our own costumes.

So thanks for looking and if you're going to DragonCon I'll see you there! What's everyone cosplaying at DC?

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